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i miss blogging


You guys. I miss this. I miss blogging. I’ve hit the crossroads that many women “graduating” from the IF journey hit: the grand debate as to whether to continue or not to continue with the blog. My initial thought was not to. I don’t want to rub this miracle in the face of women who are still desperately waiting for miracles of their own. Granted, people can always choose to unfollow, but people will still come here through search terms that will give them an idea of what to expect and then “BAM” baby stuff. I know. I’ve been there. And granted I’m a bit touchy, but sometimes I felt betrayed by the bait and switch.

Then there’s the idea of starting a new blog. I thought of that too. But you know what? All of this is still part of the story. I feel like the continuation of my story would be anemic and incomplete without the history I’ve lived these past years. This is part of my context.

Yes – I’m probably overthinking this. But that’s my style. I started a journal about 7 weeks in, because somebody told me it was sooo important to journal during pregnancy so I don’t forget everything. I journaled like 3 times. Apparently I now require feedback in order to feel sufficiently motivated. I shan’t think on that one too long.

Soooo….I’m leaning towards continuing here. Not necessarily in becoming a “mommy blogger” – but as I quit work and focus on baby, that will probably occupy a lot of my mental real estate, so it will play in for sure. If you’re in a space where these are not updates you’re able to see, I understand and I hope with all my heart that your prayers are answered soon. If you got here by searching on tips for surviving the 2 week wait or some such thing and are feeling baited and switched, I really am sorry. If you’re in a place where you want to be along for the ride, such as it is, then welcome.


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I'm trying to become a mom. I write about that and other things here. Welcome to my little corner of the web.

7 thoughts on “i miss blogging

  1. I get you, it’s not an easy choice. You should not give up blogging, but I am also on the side of feeling the bait and switch (not by you). The women don’t mean it, and some of them give me GREAT advice and follow me, but I do not want to see the baby pictures on my google+ whenever they post something new.

    You are perfectly in your right to continue blogging here, but another option could be a combination of both options. Start a new blog and link up both. The last post on this one links you to the new one and the first post of the other one sends you to this one for background.

    I regret to say I’m not ready to read baby things at this point and I will unfollow you for a while, BUT I greatly appreciate your blog and I’m really happy for you! Keep on blogging, if you are anything like me I know I would miss it. I had a blog that I had to stop when I got divorced and not I have my new one. It made me happy when I was able to keep blogging whenever I wanted!

    • Thanks, Amanda. And sorry for the super late reply…after all that talk about missing blogging, I’ve found I’ve had no time or headspace for it since – but yes, still miss it. Hope to get back to it soon. Wishing you only good things as move forward – hoping your heart cries are answered. xo

  2. First I’d like to say I’m happy all is well. I keep checking to see how you are. I also thought you might not be updating for that very reason. I think a separate linked blog is good. I believe it is on the hyster sisters endometriosis forum that they request a disclaimer at the beginning of any comment that is about having babies, especially success. Even after I had my one (after 15 years of endo infertility), I was straddled with gratefulness for the one, and back to despair about the continued infertility for many years, where the innocent questions about a second reduced me to tears.

    You are beginning a new journey in life, a new page, (a new blog?)

    • Hi Kathy! Thanks for the well wishes! I think a disclaimer is a really good idea. Possibly also a linked blog. Much as I feel a kinship with women who are still in this boat, I’ve had a couple encounters in the past few months that have driven it home to me that I’m really not in this club anymore. I’m one of the lucky ones, despite what I went through to get here. I feel like it’s wise to acknowledge that in my blog and in life. Although, like you, I know my journey marked me. I miss the son that I lost. So much. And when people talk about my “next baby” I just don’t go there. I do believe there could be another miracle, but I’m not deluded – it would be just that – a total MIRACLE. For now, deeply inhaling the scent of my present miracle. So glad you got one too.

      • So true. Enjoy. It’s all a journey; I’m happy for you that you’ve reached this fork in the road that takes you down a new path in life.

  3. Hey lovely! I’m just super over the moon for you!!
    I have been thinking the very same things! I really missed my blogging and Twitter friends but I just didn’t feel right writing about my new life. Nor do I have the time! And only recently I’ve become a part of a secret FB group for RPL/IF/loss moms that discusses parenting after our struggles. It’s way more my speed and sooo many familiar peeps. IF you fancy joining lemme know xx

    • Hi there! Yes – after that post about missing blogging, I’ve found I have zero time to do it…ha! Any spare moment these days is pretty much designated for sleep :) I like the idea of that group! How have you been? Hope you and Nacho are doing well!! xo

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