Eli's Corner


i miss blogging

You guys. I miss this. I miss blogging. I’ve hit the crossroads that many women “graduating” from the IF journey hit: the grand debate as to whether to continue or not to continue with the blog. My initial thought was not to. I don’t want to rub this miracle in the face of women who are still desperately waiting for miracles of their own. Granted, people can always choose to unfollow, but people will still come here through search terms that will give them an idea of what to expect and then “BAM” baby stuff. I know. I’ve been there. And granted I’m a bit touchy, but sometimes I felt betrayed by the bait and switch.

Then there’s the idea of starting a new blog. I thought of that too. But you know what? All of this is still part of the story. I feel like the continuation of my story would be anemic and incomplete without the history I’ve lived these past years. This is part of my context.

Yes – I’m probably overthinking this. But that’s my style. I started a journal about 7 weeks in, because somebody told me it was sooo important to journal during pregnancy so I don’t forget everything. I journaled like 3 times. Apparently I now require feedback in order to feel sufficiently motivated. I shan’t think on that one too long.

Soooo….I’m leaning towards continuing here. Not necessarily in becoming a “mommy blogger” – but as I quit work and focus on baby, that will probably occupy a lot of my mental real estate, so it will play in for sure. If you’re in a space where these are not updates you’re able to see, I understand and I hope with all my heart that your prayers are answered soon. If you got here by searching on tips for surviving the 2 week wait or some such thing and are feeling baited and switched, I really am sorry. If you’re in a place where you want to be along for the ride, such as it is, then welcome.