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October 15th: Wave of Light

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This is a hauntingly appropriate symbolic act for beautiful lives cut far too short.  I’m not sure that I want to open those floodgates today, but I’m glad that someone has made a time and a space for this.

A Calm Persistence

Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. It’s not a day that I’ll receive a thousand text messages from my friends and family like I do on Thanksgiving or Christmas. It’s a day that no one will send me a message, but it is a day that I hold very dear to my heart. A day that means so much to me.  A day that I will shed tears. This is a day that my husband and I will have to honor our little ones and we will remember them alone.

No one in my circle of friends has ever lost a child. My family is similar, aside from my mother-in-law who has lost two babies 40 years ago and now has 4 adult children. Not that she doesn’t think about them, but she doesn’t talk about them. Sometimes I feel alone in this life.

But I am not…

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