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This is my daily pill intake. (Not pictured is the pergo pin with which I give myself 6pm injections when I am on cycle, or the morning-and-evening herb packages I take when I’m off cycle, or the twice-daily progesterone suppositories I take during a post-cycle two week wait). The timing on taking all of this stuff reads like a horrible 8th grade math problem: If Eli needs to take Synthroid on an empty stomach as well as one hour before eating and four hours before ingesting iron; and she needs to take her prenatal vitamins (containing iron) in the morning and evening with food, Coenzyme Q10 thrice daily and baby aspirin at bedtime, at what time will she fuck the whole thing up?


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I'm trying to become a mom. I write about that and other things here. Welcome to my little corner of the web.

5 thoughts on “just for fun

  1. Ok give it to me: what’s with the timing of Q10, fish oil & aspirin? Do they cancel each other out? Taking all those things too! Eeek, have I been doing it all wrong? Probably!

    • Sorry! Didn’t mean to freak you out! I just got carried away with a little hyperbole there. Everything up to that point is true, but I don’t, in fact, think there’s a problem with taking Q10, fish oil and aspirin together. I have changed it so I don’t scare anybody else – thanks for saying something!

  2. I figured as much ;) Night!

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