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Surgery happened.  So thankful.  It did involve a bit of not taking no for an answer and just showing up at the surgery prep room after being told to stay home, but at the end of the day, it happened.  And he woke up from the anesthesia (always a good thing) and we’re back at home, and after 13 hours at the hospital and running around to take care of all the things (with strangely painful feet – this whole week – totally weird)  I’m so, so tired.  (I’m complaining to you because it would be inappropriate to complain to my husband at this point – given the plates and pins and broken bones and all. )

I got home just in time to give myself an injection, and we had the surgery just in time for it not to interfere with all the early morning bloodwork and ultrasounds I’ll be getting for the next several days, as I’m already well into another round of IUI…woo-hoo!  I’m being a little sarcastic here, but there is a part of me that is truly relieved and thankful to FINALLY be doing this again after several months of waiting on test results.  (In the year since the IUI that ended in miscarriage, we’ve only been able to make one attempt between all the things they’ve been testing me for, which has been incredibly frustrating.)  And in what seems a providential turn of events, I got a call last night confirming that I did NOT test positive for Fragile X.  Which means I’m not at any particularly elevated risk for developmentally disabled children.  So good.  One hurdle down.  I also have the drugs I prefer this round, and now that my husband has had his surgery and can begin recovering, I hope that stress levels will go down as well.

My acupuncturist gave me some kind of electrode therapy yesterday – not something he typically does for IUI patients, but since my periods have been like a day and a half long lately, he’s worried about blood flow.  So he stuck needles in my abdomen as per usual and then stuck electrodes on those needles and cranked up the volume and left me to deal with the waves of pain for about 40 minutes.  (The lavender scented eye mask and new agey music failed to convince me that this was a pleasant experience.)  Since that time, I have had crazy endo cramps….which I assume means whatever he did worked, because I usually feel this way before and during a period.

My diet has been pretty much shot to hell this week, but I’m bringing that back online stat, and I hope to be as prepared as I can be going into this next procedure.  Apparently all the drugs my husband is on will not adversely affect his sperm, and he still has one good hand with which to procure his “sample”…(it is a-stounding the things you find yourself talking about with health care professionals in this process).

All systems go!


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