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Greetings, fair reader(s).  I’ve been gone for a while…focusing a bit more internally than externally these days, but I have some writes to write today.

H2 is going through another round of IUI right now.  I am not, because I am STILL WAITING for the Fragile X test results.  I have missed 3 cycles while waiting.

I have this funny feeling that this is it for H2.  Like this is her time.  I haven’t told her because I don’t want to add pressure to what is already a very intense waiting time.  I’ve been wrong before (try every month), but the feeling persists.  That it’s time for her wait to be honored and for her to experience the Faithfulness that she has held fast to all these years.

H1 gave birth to her son.  Early.  Very early – at 24 weeks.  He weighed 1 pound 6 ounces at birth.  But he is fighting.  And mama said from the beginning that she believed God promised her that this one would make it (she’s had 2 miscarriages recently).  Baby is proving her right so far – no brain bleeds, lungs appear to be functioning, stable condition.  He’s got so much fight ahead of him, so many more milestones to clear, blood transfusions and all of that. My mind is almost constantly with them.  When I go to pray, it comes out something like, “You promised.  Do you remember?  You had better be faithful.”

I just feel like something is about to break.  Like there’s going to be a crack in these thunderheads soon.