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the x factor


Had my appointment with the new doctor today.  She asked me some medical history questions that nobody had asked me before.  Turns out it may be important that my mom hit menopause in her 30s.  A) It could mean that I’m moments away from menopause myself, and B) it could mean that if I were to give birth to a male child he would have “developmental delays” (translated: autism and/or mental retardation….I know they don’t say that here in Canada…I guess they say -well- “developmental delays” but I had to look it up since I don’t fully speak Canadian yet). Owing primarily to B, they are not letting me do IUI again until I get more genetic testing – which I rushed in to do today in hopes the results come back before day one of my next cycle.  I don’t even really want to give this too much airtime, as I think it will result in nothing.  My brothers and nephews are all ship-shape on the development front, so it doesn’t seem to be running amuck in my family.  Still scary though, even if you don’t think it’s going to be the case.

The good news is that with Synthroid my thyroid level is now 1.6 – in the ballpark of where it should be.  Also, I asked if it meant anything that IUI worked for me once before, and she said yes, that she would not recommend that I move to IVF because she thinks my chances are good with IUI.  Recommended trying it a couple more times before trying anything else.

The thing they’re testing me for is called Fragile X, I believe.  It sounds like something from a Bond film.  And I’d say the fragile bit sums up my state today after some good news, some scary news, more not knowing, and more waiting.  Oh, also she reiterated how rare my miscarriage was (what with the genetic normalcy) and did another quick ultrasound.  My uterus, apparently, looks fantastic.  Also my lining is top notch.  (I swear I get more compliments on my uterine lining.  It must be like super hot.)  Which all of course means that the miscarriage is still a great big mystery.  Head down, keep plodding forward.  Start crying in the hallway at the children’s hospital where they send you to get your bloodwork, pull yourself together, head down, move forward.


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2 thoughts on “the x factor

  1. Thank you for sharing. I agree, head down, move forward… But it’s hard to do. I am having a hard time doing it.

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