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forget everything i said

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It doesn’t work.  Distracting yourself.  I mean, yes, it’s good to distract yourself, but unless it’s coupled with some kind of grounding exercise, you’ll end up sobbing into your pillow a lot, second-guessing everything you do and going through a Costco box of pee sticks before you reach day 13.  (So I’ve heard.)

People around you try to be understanding, but unless they’ve lived it, they have no clue how profoundly this process obliterates you over and over and over again.  There is no piece of you that it doesn’t get to.

Today I read something that enabled me to get out of bed (after a longer time in there than I care to admit):

“Be gracious to me…for I am in distress;

my eye wastes away from grief,

my soul and body also.

For my life is spent with sorrow,

and my years with sighing;

my strength fails because of my misery,

and my bones waste away…

I have become like a broken vessel…

But I trust in you, O Lord;

I say, ‘You are my God.’

My times are in your hand…

Blessed be the Lord,

for he has wondrously shown his steadfast love to me

when I was beset as a city under siege.”

-from Psalm 31


Author: eli

I'm trying to become a mom. I write about that and other things here. Welcome to my little corner of the web.

One thought on “forget everything i said

  1. u mst gv ur self tym so that u may calm down.life is journey that challage hard so you must be strong as u move.

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