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Isabel Allende, she kicks ass

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In an effort to not go insane this week, and in keeping with my mantra of “Distract!  Distract!  Distract!”, I’d like to share with you a couple of my favorite things.  They have nothing to do with baby-making.

I saw this Ted talk by Isabel Allende and became immediately infatuated.  Such that I took it upon myself to start reading her books – in Spanish.  Granted, so far the book reading experience is less revelatory than listening to the Ted talk, as every other sentence sends me switching out of my Kindle App into my online Spanish-English dictionary to figure out what the heck a juala is or some such thing.  But I trust that will get better with time.  (Like, for example, I totally know juala now.  It’s a cage.)

But yes, Ms. Allende.  She is the kind of woman I aspire to be when I am older: braver, more irreverent, more sincere.  (Also brilliant, hilarious, beautiful, wise, rich and published would all be great.)

I leave you with this.  It’s worth a listen.



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