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One thing that’s nicer about this round of IUI is that I’ve got a friend doing it at the same time.  H2.  She’s been my salvation more than once since we met three years ago.  I was working with her at the time I found out I had endometriosis.  Turned out she had it too.  She put me in touch with the naturopath who has helped her manage her pain, and she told me which fertility clinic to go to (and shaved months off my surgery wait time by helping me switch from where I was going).  She miscarried about a year before I did and was one of the people who brought flowers and cookies and helped me with practical things when I had my miscarriage.  I shudder to think what this whole process would have been like without her.

We’ve been emailing back and forth every day since she started her IUI cycle.  Makes this feel more like a team sport.  We have so many things in common…endometriosis, chronic pain, years of trying to get pregnant, surgeries, miscarriage – and good things too – lots of good things – Spanish, faith, our years working together to empower kids in the developing world, our crew of friends we’ve kept from that time.  I would just so much like to add to those good things that we got pregnant through superov IUI 8 days apart and had kids the same age.  Virginia (I’ll get to writing about my Argentine mom/guru Virginia) tells me you’ve got to have it out with God – spare nothing, let him know what you long for.  You may not get it, but you’ve got to let him know.  So I’m letting him know.  I want these things.  Desperately.  With all my heart.


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I'm trying to become a mom. I write about that and other things here. Welcome to my little corner of the web.

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