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sometimes it’s the obvious reason

I apologize in advance for the utter inanity of this post and the excessive use of the word “fart.”

The husband and I have both been sick lately and are a little loopy.  Last night I was working on my computer in the kitchen while husband was fixing himself a snack. I was resting my face in my hand, like you do sometimes when you’ve been sitting at the computer for a while, when I suddenly realized my hand stank.  I looked at it, sniffed it thoroughly, and stared at it, perplexed.  I looked up at my husband and said, “Why does my hand smell like a fart?”  He looked at me, stunned, and said, “Are you serious?”  “I’m not kidding,” I said, sniffing it once more, utterly dumbfounded, “It smells just like a fart.”  Husband, his shoulders beginning to shake, said “maybe that’s because I just farted.”  And there I was assiduously sniffing my hand like I had some kind of weird glandular problem.

Update:  Walked into our bedroom the other day.  It smelled rank.  I asked my husband if he farted, and he said, “I think it’s just your hand.”  Jackass.