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A couple quick thoughts on chronic pain


Sorry folks – nothing for months and then 3 posts in one day.  But it’s a day full of hard things, and I want to expel a few of them:

Chronic pain is exhausting.  I have a few varieties: pelvic pain from endometriosis, weird hip pain, and back pain from scoliosis.

This has been a banner year for all three.  The hip (and no, it’s really not lost on me that I sound like I’m 80) has been nagging and debilitating by turns, lately mellowing out to a throbbing pain that does not go away but does allow me to walk.  Physios have told me it’s related to the scoliosis – which generates, when it is so inclined, a ball of gnawing pain right about where my bra strap hits.  These both can sometimes be managed by the stretches and exercises and phisiotherapy, but lately, not so much.

Then we have the endo pain.  There are a few sub categories here: there’s your supercharged period pain, your standard I-don’t-care-where-you-are-in-your-cycle, period-like but not-quite-the-same-as period pain (this one is particularly frustrating because it doesn’t even match the standard symptoms of endo), and then there’s the sex pain.  Within the sex pain, we have the piercing holy-shit-you-just-hit-that-spot pain, the general pain that comes from being so tense because you’re worried about said spot being hit, and the odd, phantomlike pain that usually comes after sex…sometimes immediately and sometimes hours later.  Sometimes lasting for hours, and sometimes lasting for days.

On the whole, there are lots of pains.

I did not intend for this blog to be a massive bitch session about what’s wrong with my body and my life, but lord help me, today I need to bitch.  I am tired.  And I would like a vacation from my body and its assorted pains.  Also from my hormones.  Unfortunately, the options for escaping one’s body are limited and unsavory.


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6 thoughts on “A couple quick thoughts on chronic pain

  1. I bet you have a lot of digestive, bowel issues, too. I had the same symptoms you describe, including hip pain. I had stage IV endo and had severe adhesions where my intestines were literally glued to abdominal wall, twice. Quit running to avoid a recurrence, and started juicing to lower overall body inflammation. It has helped me.

    I never thought I would be almost painfree. I still fear the adhesions as they are as crippling as the endo.

    I hope you feel better soon.

    • Oh Kathy…that just sounds so awful. I have never had to deal with adhesions. I’m really glad to hear you’ve found some relief. Yes, I’ve had digestive issues too. I’ve almost entirely cut out dairy, which has helped – also helps with the acidity. My herbologist/accupuncturist has told me I need to alkalize, and I’ve made some good changes (cutting back sharply on coffee, upping the veggie intake) but have fallen off the wagon in the last couple of months. I hadn’t thought about that in terms of the recent pain but it makes total sense. I have a couple of friends who have become juicers and swear by it. I’ve been toying with the idea. I think I will revisit that.

      • You don’t know you have adhesions until they cut you open. Unfortunately, the surgeries can cause more.

        About the juicing, I’ve always been a healthy eater, because of the digestive problems. However, I always turned my nose up at carrot juice. Now, I gladly welcome it to lower overall body inflammation. I am almost pain free, as long as I don’t do too much.

        My sister has adhesions, no endo. she has also tried to increase acidityor lower, not sure. But she has also found that the juicing helps tremendously.

        good luck. it is a lonely path, but you are not alone!

  2. They cut me open about a year ago to cauterize the endo but didn’t find any adhesions. The surgery didn’t do much for the general pain as it turned out. The main thing that has helped has been diet/herbs, although the herbs are expensive and not covered by insurance, so I kind of go on and off those. It really makes sense to me that juicing would help. What kind of a juicer do you use?

  3. Hi Eli, I missed this last question, sorry. But I saw that you got a juicer. Whatever kind you get, they’re a pain to clean. Pier One has a brightly colored, flower, pot scrubber that is excellent for this. The bristles are pretty firm for cleaning out the screen. Another thing I have found that has helped me is to do a big batch on sunday (or whenever) and freeze in 16 to 32 ounce glass mason jars. don’t fill them up too much, they will crack. (fill about 2/3 or 3/4 of the way only. I put the lid on after they are frozen. take out the night before, place in fridge, and is usually thawed by 10 or so. I know what they say about fresh enzymes and all, but I don’t have that much time and energy to do a batch everyday. The frozen juice, or one or two day old juice is better than no juice at all. It usually takes 2 to 3 days to take effect, and feel better. Not perfect, but not going out of your mind with all the twinges of pain everywhere. I usually do a week of juiceing about every 4 to 6 weeks now. Best of luck.

    Oh yeah, and you bought the juicer and then watched the documentary? Definitely you have self-motivation!

    Not at home to check what I have, but I’m aiming for an Omega one day.

  4. Thanks, Kathy! So far we’ve juiced all but two days out of the last three weeks. The fact that we both work from home makes it manageable to work the cleaning and whatnot into our schedules (*ahem* primarily my schedule). I do a massive washing/peeling/prepping session at the beginning of the week, so that cuts down on the juicing time for the rest of the week. I’m finding we’re not only getting way more vegetables with the juicing, but we’re just eating more vegetables in general on account of having so many of them prepped and ready to go in the fridge. So far it’s a win-win! And we both are starting to feel better. Thanks so much for suggesting this – I was already leaning this direction at the recommendation of a couple of friends, but your comments were what persuaded me to take the plunge.

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